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Where Do My Customers Hang Out Online?
customers hang out

Which Social Media Channel is Best? There are a bazillion inbound marketing channels.  It’s really easy to get overwhelmed and confused which one’s to use.  One of the biggest questions I get when facilitating social media classes is, “Which is the best site for (fill in the business) to use?”  I have to answer, “It depends.”

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What are Inbound Marketing Channels?
inbound marketing channels

  Our Inbound Marketing Channels Definition Inbound marketing channels or social marketing channels are the online places where you get to know your potential customers and they get to know about you.  Your potential customers could be online right now researching solutions to a problem and they find your blog.  Or they might be planning a

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Is SEO Magic?
seo magic

Is #seo Magic? SEO (search engine optimization) seems like magic to most business owners.  They don’t understand it, but love when they are the top of page one in a Google search. For many it’s like watching a magician pull a rabbit out of a top hat.  You don’t understand it, but are amazed at the

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Why We Stopped Focusing on Direct Social Media ROI | Social Media Today
social media ROI myth

Social Media ROI There’s also the higher-level view of entering social media ROI from the right perspective. Gary Vaynerchuk has some interesting ideas on this.He challenges the traditional, linear view of ROI as a universal benchmark…   Check out the full article here: This is a great in depth look at social media ROI and

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